Clinical Blood Gases, Assessment & Intervention, 2nd Edition

Clinical Blood Gases

2nd Edition Assessment & Intervention

By William J. Malley, MS, RRT, CPFT, Administrative Director, Respiratory/Pulmonary Services, The Western Pennsylvania Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA

Unit I: Introduction to Blood Gases

1. Arterial Blood Gases
2. Blood Gas Classification

Unit II: Technical Issues in Blood Gas Analysis

3. Blood Gas Sampling Errors
4. Blood Gas Electrodes and Quality Assurance
5. Accuracy Check and Metabolic Acid-Base Indices

Unit III: Basic Physiology

6. Oxygenation and External Respiration
7. Oxygen Transport and Internal Respiration
8. Acid-Base Homeostasis

Unit IV: Clinical Oxygenation

9. Assessment of Hypoxemia and Shunting
10. Treatment of Hypoxemia and Shunting
11. Hypoxia: Assessment and Intervention

Unit V: Clinical Acid Base

12. Regulation of Acids, Bases, and Electrolytes
13. Differential Diagnosis of Acid-Base Disturbances
14. Mixed Acid-Base Disturbances and Treatment

Unit VI: Noninvasive Techniques and Case Studies

15. Noninvasive Blood Gas Monitoring
16. Arterial Blood Gas Case Studies