Caring for the Older Adult, A Health Promotion Perspective

Caring for the Older Adult

A Health Promotion Perspective

By Patricia O'Neill, RN, MSN, CCRN, Nursing Instructor, DeAnza College, Cupertino, CA

THE NURSING ROLE IN CARE OF THE OLDER ADULT · Introduction to Health Promotion for the Older Adult · Promoting Health in a Culturally Diverse Older Adult Population · Promoting a Safe Care Environment · Promoting Self-Care Management of Chronic Illness · PROMOTION OF PHYSICAL HEALTH FOR THE OLDER ADULT · Promoting Activity and Rest · Promoting Nutrition and Hydration · Promoting Adequate Excretion, Reproductive and Regulatory Well-Being · Promoting a Healthy Heart and Peripheral Vascular System · Promoting Oxygenation · Promoting Sensory/Perceptual Functioning · Promoting Cognitive Abilities · PROMOTION OF PSYCHOSOCIAL HEALTH FOR THE OLDER ADULT · Promoting Psychosocial Health and Wellness · SPECIAL CHALLENGES IN CARE OF THE OLDER ADULT · Protecting the Vulnerable Older Adult · End-of-Life Care · MANAGEMENT SKILLS IN CARE OF THE OLDER ADULT · Leadership Role of the LPN/LVN · APPENDICES