Concept Development in Nursing, Foundations, Techniques, and Applications, 2nd Edition

Concept Development in Nursing

2nd Edition Foundations, Techniques, and Applications

By Beth L. Rodgers, PhD, RN, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI; and Kathleen A. Knafl, PhD, Professor, College of Nursing, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

Introduction to Concept Development in Nursing · Philosophical Foundations of Concept Development · Knowledge Synthesis and Concept Development in Nursing · The Wilson Method of Concept Analysis · Wilsonian Concept Analysis: Applying the Technique · Concept Analysis: An Evolutionary View · The Concept of Grief: An Evolutionary Perspective · Grief in a Cultural Context: Expanding Concept Analysis Beyond the Professional Literature · An Expansion and Elaboration of the Hybrid Model of Concept Development · A Concept Analysis of Withdrawal: Application of the Hybrid Model of Concept Development · Concept Clarification: Using the Norris Method in Clinical Research · Simultaneous Concept Analysis: A Strategy for Developing Multiple Interrelated Concepts · Integrative Literature Reviews for the Development of Concepts · A Multiphase Approach to Concept Analysis and Development · Methods and Application of Dimensional Analysis: A Contribution to Concept and Knowledge Development in Nursing · Beyond Analysis: Further Adventures in Concept Development · Exploring Pragmatic Utility: Concept Analysis by Critically Appraising the Literature · Research Careers and Concept Development: The Case of Normalization · Concept Development Situated in the Critical Paradigm · Concept Development of Nursing-Sensitive Patient Outcomes · Applications and Future Directions for Concept Development in Nursing