Math Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians, A Worktext

Math Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians

A Worktext

By Robert M. Fulcher, BSPh, RPh, Pharmacist-in-Charge, CVS Pharmacy, Waynesboro, GA; and Eugenia M. Fulcher, RN, BSN, MEd, EdD, CMA, Former Program Director, Medical Asstisting, Swainsboro Technical College, Waynesboro, GA

Section I Introduction and Basic Math Skills

1. Assessment of Mathematical Skills Needed in Health Occupations
2. Review of Basic Mathematical Skills

Section II Measurements Used in Health Care and Conversions between Measurement Systems

3. Conversion of Clinical Measurements of Numbers, Time and Temperature
4. Comparisons of Measurement Systems
5. Conversions between Measurement Systems

Section III Medication and Prescription Orders and Their Calculations

6. Interpretation of Medication Labels and Orders
7. Calculation of Solid Oral Doses and Dosages
8. Calculate Doses of Liquid Oral and Parenteral Medications
9. Reconstitution of Powders or Crystals into Liquid Medications

Section IV Special Medication Calculations

10. Calculation of Medications for Special Populations Based on Body Weight and Patient Age
11. Calculation of Medications Measured in Units, Milliequivalents and Percents of Concentration
12. Calculation of Medications for Intravenous Uses
13. Calculation of Mixtures from Stock Medications
14. Interpreting Physician?s Orders for Dosages


Comprehensive Posttest

Business Math for Pharmacy Technicians

Answer Key (For Odd-Numbered Problems Only)