Psychiatric Drugs Explained, 6th Edition

Psychiatric Drugs Explained

6th Edition

By David Healy, MD, FRCPsych, Director, North Wales Department of Psychological Medicine, College of Medicine, Cardiff University, Bangor, UK

1 Introduction
Section 1 Management of psychoses
2 Antipsychotics
3 Antipsychotic side effects and their management

Section 2 Management of depression
4 Antidepressants
5 Side effects of antidepressants

Section 3 Management of bipolar disorders
6 Management of acute bipolar disorder
7 Mood-stabilisers

Section 4 Drugs for children
8 Drugs for children

Section 5 Management of anxiety
9 Anxiety disorders
10 Benzodiazepine anxiolytics
11 Anxiolysis and the serotonin system
12 Beta-blockers and anxiety

Section 6 Sleep disorders and insomnia
13 Sleep disorders and insomnia
14 Non-pharmacological management of insomnia
15 Hypnotics
16 Sedatives

Section 7 Management of cognitive impairment
17 Cognitive enhancement and the dementias
18 Cognitive enhancement and neuroprotection

Section 8 Management of sexual difficulties
19 The range of sexual difficulties
20 Effects of drugs on aspects of sexual functioning
Appendix 20.1 Male sexual functioning questionnaire
Appendix 20.2 Female sexual functioning questionnaire

Section 9 Management of dependence and withdrawal
21 Physical dependence type 1
22 Physical dependence type 2
23 Physical dependence type 3

Section 10 Consent, abuse and liability
24 Consent
25 Pharmacological abuse
26 Liability

Section 11 The marketing of tranquillity
27 The ethical industry
28 Evidence-biased psychiatry
29 The marketing of psychiatric disorders
30 From healthcare to Pharmageddon

Appendix: Mental health websites