Essentials of Paediatrics, 2nd Edition

Essentials of Paediatrics

2nd Edition

By Nandu Thalange, MRCP, MRCPCH, ILTM, Consultant Paediatrician, Paediatrics Department, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Norwich, UK; Richard Beach, MD, FRCPCH, Consultant Paediatrician, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Norwich, UK; David Booth and Lisa Jackson


1. Assessing childhood illness
2. Children?s place in society
3. The child with chronic disease
4. Child development
5. Safeguarding children
6. Locomotion
7. Blood and cancer
8. Skin
9. Circulation
10. Respiration
11.Homeostasis and the kidney
12. Hormones and metabolism
13. Digestion and nutrition
14. Neurology and the senses
15. The mind
16. Infectious disease and immunity
17. Pregnancy, birth and the newborn
18.Congenital and genetic diseases

I Paediatric Emergencies
II Practical procedures
III Prescribing
IV Fluids and electrolytes

Mutiple Choice questions and answers