Fetal Heart Ultrasound, How, Why and When, 2nd Edition

Fetal Heart Ultrasound

2nd Edition How, Why and When

By Catherine Fredouille, MD, Part-time Hospital Practitioner, Fetal Placentology Unit, Hopital de La Timone, Marseille. Consultant in Fetopathology, Service de Cytogenetique et de Foetopathologie, Hopital Saint Antoine, Paris, France; Jean-Eric Develay-Morice, MD, Ultrasonographer, Nimes Maternity Service, Hopital Carremeau, Nimes, France and Claudio Lombardi

  1. Why: fetal heart ultrasound
  2. How: technical aspects
  3. How: anatomic-ultrasound correlations; 3 steps, 10 key points
  4. How: conducting the examination and its pitfalls
  5. Why: critical cardiac pathologies not to be overlooked
  6. When: fetal morphological examination after the discovery of a cardiopathy
  7. Points to remember

New chapter: First trimester ultrasonography