Fundoscopy Made Easy

Fundoscopy Made Easy

By Sujoy Ghosh, MD, DM, MRCP (UK), MRCPS(Glasgow) , Clinical Teaching & Clinical Research Fellow, Medical Day Centre, Ayr Hospital, Ayr; Andrew Collier, BSc (Hons.), MBChB, MD, FRCP (Edinburgh & Glasgow), Consultant Physician & Honorary Senior Lecturer, Diabetes Day Centre, Ayr Hospital, Ayr, Scotland; Mohan Varikkara, MS, FRCS (Edin), Consultant Ophthalmologist, Ophthalmology Department, Ayr Hospital, Ayr and Stephen J. Palmer, MIMI, RMIP, Head of Department, Medical Photography & Audiovisual Services, Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock

The basics: direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy

Specialised imaging techniques

The normal fundus and its variants

Diabetic retinopathy

Hypertensive retinopathy


Optic atrophy


Retinal vascular occlusions

Fundal haemorrhages

Age-related macular degeneration

Lipaemia retinalis

Angioid streaks

Retinitis pigmentosa

Choroidal naevus


Ocular inflammation

Roth spot

Retinal detachment