Clinical Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience, With STUDENT CONSULT Access, 6th Edition

Clinical Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience

6th Edition With STUDENT CONSULT Access

By M. J. T. FitzGerald, MD, PhD, DSC, MRIA, Emeritus Professor, Department of Anatomy, University College, Galway, Ireland; Gregory Gruener, MD, MBA, Director, Leischner Institute for Medical Education, Leischner Professor of Medical Education, Senior Associate Dean, Stritch School of Medicine, Professor of Neurology, Associate Chair of Neurology, Loyola University Chicago, Maywood, IL and Estomih Mtui, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Anatomy in Neurology and Neuroscience, Director, Program in Anatomy and Visualization, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY

1 Embryology

2 Cerebral topography

3 Midbrain, hindbrain, spinal cord

4 Meninges

5 Blood supply of the brain

6 Neurons and neuroglia: overview

7 Electrical events

8 Transmitters and receptors

9 Peripheral nerves

10 Innervation of muscles and joints

11 Innervation of skin

12 Electrodiagnostic examination

13 Autonomic nervous system and visceral afferents

14 Nerve roots

15 Spinal cord: ascending pathways

16 Spinal cord: descending pathways

17 Brainstem

18 The lowest four cranial nerves

19 Vestibular nerve

20 Cochlear nerve

21 Trigeminal nerve

22 Facial nerve

23 Ocular motor nerves

24 Reticular formation

25 Cerebellum

26 Hyplthalamus

27 Thalamus, epithalamus

28 Visual pathways

29 Cerebral cortex

30 Electroencephalography

31 Evoked potentials

32 Hemispheric asymmetries

33 Basal ganglia

34 Olfactory and limbic systems

35 Cerebrovascular disease