Evidence-based Therapeutic Massage, A Practical Guide for Therapists, 3rd Edition

Evidence-based Therapeutic Massage

3rd Edition A Practical Guide for Therapists

By Elizabeth A. Holey, MA, MCSP, CertEd, DipTP, MILT, Chartered Physiotherapist, UK; Deputy Dean, School of Health & Social Care, University of Teeside, Middlesbrough, UK and Eileen M. Cook, Chartered Physiotherapist, North Yorkshire, UK

Preface to the third edition
Preface to the first edition
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Section 1 - The theoretical basis
Chapter 1 Massage in context
Chapter 2 A biological basis
Chapter 3 Therapeutic and reflex effects
Chapter 4 Pathological principles

Section 2 - Practical application of massage
Chapter 5 Palpation
Chapter 6 Assessment and treatment planning
Chapter 7 Massage techniques
Chapter 8 Regional application of classical massage techniques
Chapter 9 Reflex therapies

Section 3 - Clinical uses of massage
Chapter 10 Relaxation massage
Chapter 11 Massage for people with long-term and terminal illness
Chapter 12 Neuromusculoskeletal disorders
Chapter 13 Massage in sport by Julie Sparrow
Chapter 14 Client groups