Human Movement, An Introductory Text, 6th Edition

Human Movement

6th Edition An Introductory Text

Edited by Tony Everett, M.Ed. BA, PG Dip Biomechanics, Grad Dip Phys, Cert HE, FHEA, Deputy Director, Department of Physiotherapy, School of Healthcare Studies, Cardiff University, Ty Dewi Sant, Heath Park, Wales, UK and Clare Kell, MSc, PGCLTHE, Grad Dip Phys, FHEA, Senior Lecturer, Human Resources Directorate, Cardiff University, Ty Dewi Sant, Heath Park, Wales, UK


1 Introduction
Tony Everett and Clare Kell

2 Skeletal muscle, muscle work, strength, power and endurance
Tim Sharp and Tony Everett

3 Joint mobility
Tony Everett

4 Motor control
Bernhard Haas

5 Posture and balance
Clare Kell

6 Motor learning
Nicola Phillips

7 Psychosocial influences on human movement
Sally Scott-Roberts

8 The influence of the environment on human movement
Philippa Coales

9 Biomechanics of human movement
Robert W.M. van Deursen, Tony Everett

10 Function of the upper limb
Valerie Sparks and Mike Smith

11 Function of the lower limb
Tony Everett and Marion Trew

12 Function of the Spine
Valerie Sparks

13 Human movement across the lifespan
Lyn Horrocks

14 Measuring and analysing human movement
Tony Everett

15 Scales of measurement
Susan Corr and Roshni Khatri

16 Conclusion
Tony Everett and Clare Kell