Human Nutrition, 12th Edition

Human Nutrition

12nd Edition

By Catherine Geissler, BDS, MS, PhD, RNutr, Professor Emerita of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, King's College London, London, UK; Director, Health Sciences and Practice Subject Centre, Higher Education Academy, King's College London, London, UK and Hilary Powers, BSc, PhD, RNutr, Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry and Head of Human Nutrition Unit, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK



Part 1 - Food and nutrients

1 Food and nutrients

2 Food and nutrient structure

Part 2 - Body composition and macronutrient metabolism

3 The physiology of nutrient digestion and absorption

4 Body size and composition

5 Energy balance and body weight regulation

6 Carbohydrate metabolism

7 Fat metabolism

8 Protein metabolism and requirements

9 Alcohol metabolism: implications for nutrition and health

Part 3 - Micronutrient function

10 Water-soluble vitamins

11 Fat-soluble vitamins

12 Minerals and trace elements

13 Inter-micronutrient topics

Part 4 - Dietary requirements for specific groups

14 Infancy, childhood and adolescence

15 Prepregnancy, pregnancy and lactation

16 Ageing and older people

17 Vegetarian diets

18 Dietary considerations for sport and exercise

Part 5 - Clinical Nutrition

19 Cardiovascular disease

20 Obesity

21 Diabetes mellitus

22 Cancers

23 Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

24 Nutrition and the skeleton

25 Dental diseases

26 Immune function, food allergies and food intolerance

27 Eating disorders

28 Deficiency diseases

29 Diet and genocide interactions - nutritional genomics

Part 6 - Public health nutrition

30 The science of epidemiology

31 Nutritional assessment methods

32 Food supply, factors affecting production, trade and access

33 Food and nutrition policies and interventions



Appendix: Dietary reference values