Core Topics in General & Emergency Surgery Print & enhanced E-Book, A Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice, 4th Edition

Core Topics in General & Emergency Surgery Print & enhanced E-Book

4th Edition A Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice

By Simon Paterson-Brown, MB, BS, MPhil, MS, FRCS(Edinburgh), FRCS, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Clinical and Surgical Sciences (Surgery), University of Edinburgh and Consultant General and Upper Gatrointestinal Surgeon, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, UK

? Evidence-based practice in surgery
? Outcomes and health economic issues in surgery
? Day case surgery
? Abdominal hernias
? Organisation of emergency general surgical services and the early assessment and investigation of the acute abdomen
? Perforations of the upper gastrointestinal tract
? Acute non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding
? Pancreaticobiliary emergencies
? Acute conditions of the small bowel and appendix
? Colonic emergencies
? Anorectal emergencies
? Paediatric surgical emergencies
? Abdominal trauma
? Venous thromboembolism: prevention, diagnosis and treatment
? Patient assessment and surgical risk
? Perioperative and intensive care management of the surgical patient
? Surgical nutrition
? Abdominal sepsis and abdominal compartment syndrome
? Index