Glaucoma, Expert Consult Premium Edition - Enhanced Online Features, Print, and DVD, 2-Volume Set


Expert Consult Premium Edition - Enhanced Online Features, Print, and DVD, 2-Volume Set

By Tarek Shaarawy, MD, MSc, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Head, Glaucoma Sector, Ophthalmology Service, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Geneva, Switzerland; Mark B. Sherwood, FRCP, FRCOphth, Daniels Professor, Departments of Ophthalmology and Cell Biology, Director of Vision Research Center, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA; Roger A. Hitchings, FRCP, FRCOphth, Professor of Ophthalmology and Consultant, Director of Research and Development, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, UK and Jonathan G. Crowston, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Melbourne, Centre for Eye Research Australia, Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

Vol. 1: Medical Diagnosis and Therapy

Section 1 Glaucoma in the World

1 Prevalence and Geographic Variations
Winnie Nolan & Jennifer Yip
2 Screening for Glaucoma
Paul Healey
3 Economics of Glaucoma Care
Paul Lee
4 Practical Application of Glaucoma Care in Different Societies
Alan Robin, Donald Budenz, Nathan Congdon & Ravilla Thulasiraj

Section 2 Pathogenesis

5 Pathogenesis of Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy
James Morgan
6 Aqueous Humor Dynamics and Intraocular Pressure Elevation
Carol Toris
7 Mechanical Stress and Restructuring of the Optic Nerve Head
Crawford Downs, Michael Roberts & Claude Burgoyne
8 Role of Vascular Blood Flow in Pathogenesis
Mark Lesk & Ali Hafez

Section 3 Diagnosis of Glaucoma

9 Tonometry and IOP fluctuation
Ted Garway-Heath, Aachal Kotecha & Sheng Lim
10 Visual Fields (Goldman, Humphrey, Other)
David Crabb
11 Function Specific Perimetry
Felipe Medeiros & Luciana M. Alenca
12 Electrophysiological testing
Stuart Graham & Brad Fortune
13 Gonioscopy
John Salmon
14 UBM
Giorgio Marchini, Roberto Tosi & Piero Ceruti
15 Anterior Segment Imaging
Winnie Nolan & Gus Gazzard
16 Impact of Central Corneal Thickness and Corneal Biomechanics on Tonometry
James Brandt, Cynthia Roberts, Mark Sherwood & Clinton Sheets
17 Disc Stereo Photography
Jost Jonas
18 Optic Disc Imaging
Linda Zangwill, Christopher Bowd & Felipe Medeiros
19 RNFL Photography and Computer Analysis
Neil Choplin
20 Structure and Function Relationships in Glaucoma
Marcelo Nicolela, Lesya Shuba & Bettina Windisch
21 Blood Flow Measurement Techniques
Mark Lesk & Ali Hafez
22 Genetics
Rand Allingham & Mohammed elMallah
23 Genetic Epidemiology
Ananth Viswanathan, Leonieke van Koolwijk, Catey Bunce

Section 4 Types of Glaucoma

24 Definitions - What is Glaucoma Worldwide?
George Spaeth
25 Ocular Hypertension
Michael Kass & Thad Labbe
26 Primary Open Angle Glaucoma
Robert Fechtner & Albert Khouri
27 Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma
Paul Foster & Sancy Low
28 Exfoliation Syndrome and Exfoliative Glaucoma
Robert Ritch, Tasos Konstas & Ursula Schlötzer-Schrehardt
29 Pigmentary Glaucoma
Stefano Gandolfi, Nicola Ungaro, Paolo Mora & Chiara Sangermani
30 Normal Tension Glaucoma
Ted Krupin & Angelo Tanna
31 Congenital Glaucoma and other Childhood Glaucomas
Allen Beck & Camille Hylton
32 Secondary Angle Closure Glaucomas
Jeff Liebermann, Syril Dorairaj & Robert Ritch
33 Uveitic Glaucoma
Keith Barton & Avinash Kulkarni
34 Neovascular Glaucoma
Annapurna Singh, Danny Kim & Arun Singh
35 Other Secondary Glaucomas
Jody Piltz-Seymour & Tara Uhler
36 Post-traumatic Glaucomas
Jay Katz, Sheila Bazzaz & Jonathan Myers
37 Glaucoma Related to Tumors
Arun Singh, Annapurna Singh & Kathryn Bollinger

Section 5 Principles of Management

38 Principles of Management of Open Angle Glaucoma
Roger A Hitchings
39 Overview of Angle Closure Management
Chaiwat Teekhasaenee
40 Target IOP
Nitin Anand
41 Quality of Life
Alexander Spratt, Ananth Viswanathan & Aachal Kotecha
42 Optimizing Quality of Life ? Low-vision Rehabilitation in Glaucoma
Jill Keeffe
43 Adherence and Persistence
Gail Schwartz
44 Outcomes
Ivan Goldberg & Ridia Lim
45 Risk Versus Benefit
Ravi Thomas & Rajul Parikh

Section 6 Medical Therapy

46 Parasympathomimetics
Lineu Shiroma & Vital Costa
47 Beta-blockers
Ann Hoste
48 Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
Gábor Holló
49 Alpha Agonists
Adam Reynolds
50 Prostagladin Analogs
Norbert Pfeiffer & Hagen Thieme
51 Fixed Combination Therapy in Glaucoma
Tasos Konstas, Dimitrios Mikropoulos & William C Stewart

Section 7 New Horizons

52 Neuroprotection / Neurogeneration
Len Levin
53 Interpreting Clinical Studies on Neuroprotection
Robert Weinreb & Anne L Coleman
54 Stem Cells
Thomas V Johnson, Natalie D Bull & Keith Martin
55 Gene Therapy
Stuart McKinnon
56 Ultrastructural Imaging
Aachal Kotecha & Fred Fitzke

Section 8 Emergency Care Management

57 Acute Intraocular Pressure Rise
Prin RojanaPongpun
58 Trauma / Hyphema
Bahaa Nouredine & Karim Tomey

Vol. 2: Surgical Management

Section 9 Introduction

59 Economics of Surgery Worldwide
Developed Countries ? Anja Tuulonen
Developing Countries ? Boateng Wiafe
60 When to Perform Glaucoma Surgery
George Cioffi & Michael Van Buskirk
61 Lowering IOP: Surgery Versus Medications
Clive Migdal
62 Surgical Anatomy
Ernst Tamm

Section 10 Laser Therapy

63 Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty
Eve Higginbotham & Ijeoma Asota
64 Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty
Celso Tello, Syril Dorairaj, Jeffrey M Liebmann & Robert Ritch
65 Peripheral Iridectomy
Dennis Lam, Clement Tham & Nathan Congdon
66 Laser Iridoplasty
Chaiwat Teekhasaenee

Section 11

67 Preoperative Evaluation and Diagnostic Approach
Thierry Zeyen & Ingeborg Stalmans
68 Preoperative Conjunctival Health and Trabeculectomy Outcome
David Broadway & Matthew Hawker
69 Anesthesia
Doug Rhee & Meenakashi Gupta
70 Technique
Ron Fellman
71 Alternative Techniques
Fabian Lerner
72 Ex-PRESS Implant
Eli Dahan & Andre Mermoud
73 Intraoperative Complications
Rajendra Bansal, Daniel Casper & James Tsai
74 Early Post-operative Increase in IOP
Pratap Challa
75 Shallow AC
Anil Mandal
76 Choroidal Effusions and Hemorrhage
David Greenfield & Carolyn Quinn
77 Corneal Epitheliopathy
Fathi el Sayyad & Magdy A Nofal
78 Aqueous Misdirection
Steve Gedde & Pradeep Ramulu
79 Tenons Cyst Formation
Tony Wells
80 Wound Healing After Trabeculectomy and Bleb Evaluation
Tony Wells, Tina Wong & Jonathan Crowston
81 Late Bleb Leaks
Jacob Wilensky
82 Blebitis and Endophthalmitis
Peter Shah, Mark Chiang & Graham Lee
83 Late Hypotony
John Thygesen
84 Cataract following trabeculectomy
Alain Bron

Section 12 Non-Penetrating Glaucoma Surgery

85 Principle and Mechanism of Function
Ivan Haefliger & Rafael V Mérula
86 Deep Sclerectomy
Andre Mermoud & Sylvain Roy
87 Viscocanalostomy
Roberto Carassa
88 Complications
Juan Sampaolesi
89 Postoperative Management
Corinne Schnyder
90 Results
Daniel Grigera, Jorge Acosta & Virginia Zanutigh

Section 13 Management of Co-Existing Cataract and Glaucoma

91 Cataract Surgery in Patients with Functioning Blebs
Franz Grehn & Thomas Klink
92 One-site Combined Surgery / Two-site Combined Surgery
Yvonne Buys & Graham Trope
93 Combined Cataract and Glaucoma Drainage Implant Surgery
Vital Costa
94 Combined Cataract and Non-penetrating Glaucoma Surgery
Gema Rebolleda, Francisco J. Muńoz-Negrete, Javier Moreno-Montańes
95 Goniosynechialysis
Chaiwat Teekhasaenee

Section 14 Drainage Devices

96 Preoperative Evaluation
Jeff Freedman
97 Choice of Implant
Dale Heuer & Keith Barton
98 Surgical Technique 1 (Molteno)
Anthony Molteno, Andrew M Thompson, Tui H Bevin
99 Surgical Technique 2 (Baerveldt)
George Baerveldt
100 Surgical Technique 3 (Ahmed)
Peter Netland
101 Other Implants
Remo Susanna, Jr.
102 Intraoperative Complications
Ron Gross
103 Postoperative Complications
Yara Paula Martin Catoira-Boyle & Louis Cantor
104 Results
Oscar Albis
105 Aqueous Shunts After Retinal Surgery
Maria Papadopoulos & Keith Barton
106 Aqueous Shunts and Penetrating Keratoplasty
Don Minckler

Section 15 Surgery for Congenital Glaucoma

107 Goniotomy and Trabeculectomy
Maria Papadopoulos & Peng Khaw
108 Further Surgical Options in Children
Alana Grajewski & Mark Werner

Section 16 Modulation of Wound ealing

109 Indications
Richard Parrish & Arvind Neelakantan
110 Choice
Christophe Baudoin
111 Technique
Caroline Fisher, Amish Doshi & Kuldev Singh
112 Complications
Francisco Fantes & Herbert Fechter
113 Principles
Gregory Schultz & Sonal Tuli
114 Future Strategies
Peng Khaw

Section 17 Cyclodestructive rocedures

115 Techniques
Phil Bloom & Anil Negi
116 Complications
Malik Kahook & Joel Schuman
117 Endophotocoagulation
Stanley Berke

Section 18 New Procedures

109 New Procedures
Tarek Shaarawy & Mark Sherwood