Bovine Laminitis and Lameness, A Hands on Approach

Bovine Laminitis and Lameness

A Hands on Approach

By Paul R. Greenough, FRCVS, Professor Emeritus of Veterinary Surgery, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Microstructure and Function of the Bovine Claw
Chapter 3 Characteristics of Lameness
Chapter 4 The Laminitis Syndrome
Chapter 5 Nutritional Risk Factors
Chapter 6 Cow Comfort, Behavior and Housing
Chapter 7 Disorders of the Claw Capsule Associated with Laminitis
Chapter 8 Pasture Managed Cattle
Chapter 9 Water
Chapter 10 Strategic Use of Micronutrient Supplements
Chapter 11 Rearing Replacement Stock - Heifers
Chapter 12 Genetic Selection and Conformation
Chapter 13 The Downer Cow and Peripheral Neuropathies
Chapter 14 Claw Trimming, Foot Baths, Restraint, Bandaging, Lifts and Shoes
Chapter 15 Infectious Diseases and other Conditions Affecting the Interdigital Space
Chapter 16 Other Conditions Affecting the Digital Region
Chapter 17 Applied Anatomy and Simple Surgical Procedures
Chapter 18 Disorders Affecting the Upper Limb
Chapter 19 An Approach to Controlling Lameness in a Dairy Herd