Urological Nursing, 3rd Edition

Urological Nursing

3rd Edition

By Sharon Fillingham, RGN, Dip Couns, ENB 978, 980, 216, 998, 870, HA, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Urological Stoma Care/Psychosexual Therapist, UCLH NHS Trust, London

Anatomy and physiology of the urinary tract. Urological investigations. Urodynamics. Conservative management of urological problems. Urinary drainage systems. Urinary tract stones. Reconstructive surgery for urinary tract defects Reconstructive surgery for the promotion of continence. Prostatic problems. Urological cancers. Urological stomas. Penile disorders. Scrotal disorders. Reassignment surgery. Paediatric urology. Psychological effects of urological problems. Developments in urological nursing.