The Essential Researcher's Handbook, For Nurses and Health Care Professionals, 2nd Edition

The Essential Researcher's Handbook

2nd Edition For Nurses and Health Care Professionals

By Maggie Tarling, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Anaesthetics Research, Royal London Hospital, London, UK; and Linda Crofts, Director of Nursing Research and Development, Royal Hospitals NHS Trust, London, UK

1. Getting started. 2. Practice development (new chapter will include evidence based practice, clinical governance and clinincal effectiveness). 3. How to do a literature search. 4. Reviewing the literature. 5. Choosing your methods. 6. Research funding. 7. Research and development strategy for NHS (new chapter). 8.Ethical Issues. 9. Venturing into the filed. 10. Reporting results. 11. 'Publish and be Damned'. 12. Opportunities for nursing research. Index.