Pocket Psychiatry, 2nd Edition

Pocket Psychiatry

2nd Edition

By Kamaldeep Bhui, MSc, MRCPsych, DipClinPsych, Senior Lecturer in Social & Epidemiological Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, Queen Mary & Westfield College, London, UK; Scott Weich, MSc, MRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist, Royal Free Hospital, London, UK; and Keith Lloyd, MSc (Econ), MSc, MRCPsych, Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter; Consultant Psychiatrist, Exeter Community Trust, Exeter, UK

Psychiatric History
Mental State Examination
Physical status
Summarising The Assessment: Formulation

Psychiatric Emergencies: A problem based approach
The hostile patient
The anxious patient
The depressed patient
The suicidal patient
The Personality disordered patient
The hallucinating patient
The paranoid patient
The confused patient
The police-escorted patient
The unresponsive patient
The sexually disinhibited patient
The substance misusing patient

Psychiatric Wards and A & E departments
Working on psychiatric wards
Multidisciplinary teams

The Mental Health Act
Civil & Forensic Sections
Consent to Treatment Rules
Electroconvulsive therapy
Psychosurgery & implantation of sex hormones
Plan of treatment
Mental Health Act Commissioner
Capacity to give consent
Advanced statements
Changes to the legal framework

Liaison Psychiatry
The work of the liaison psychiatrist
The liaison assessment
Secondary non-organic disorders
The dying patient
Obstetrics and gynaecology
HIV infection and AIDS
Psychological and emotional problems among relatives
Psychological and emotional problems among staff

Working in the community
Community care legislation
Modernising mental health services
The National Service Framework
Components of comprehensive local services
The Revised Care Programme Approach
Needs assessment
Domiciliary Visits
Primary Care Psychiatry

Special Topics
Forensic psychiatry
Court diversion
Report writing
Risk assessment
Child Sexual Abuse
Neuroimaging and psychiatry
The skin and psychiatry
Improving treatment adherence among psychiatric patients
Persistent psychotic symptoms: non pharmacological approaches
Religion and Mental Health
The Emergency Cross Cultural Psychiatric Assessment
Culture Bound Syndromes
Possession States

Specific Conditions
Alcohol misuse
Illicit drug use
Affective Disorders
Neurotic disorders
Eating disorders
Disorders of personality
Other Behavioural disorders
Learning difficulties
Child and adolescent mental health
Psychiatric disorders in later life

Physical Treatments
Psychological Treatments
Social Treatments

Useful Information
Psychiatric Rating Scales