Managing and Leading Innovation in Health Care, Six Steps to Effective Management Series

Managing and Leading Innovation in Health Care

Six Steps to Effective Management Series

By Elizabeth Howkins, BA, MSc, RGN, RHV, CPT, PGCEA; and Cynthia Thornton, MSc, RGN, DN, PWT, PGCEA, DNT

Section 1: The Creative Challenge. Chapter 1 - Creativity in Healthcare. Chapter 2 - Creativity and Caring. Chapter 3 - The Reconstituted Professional. Section 2: Changing Relationships in Health Care. Chapter 4 - The Nature and Purpose of Leadership. Chapter 5 - Evolution or Revolution? Negotiation as a means of Effecting Change. Chapter 6 - Testing Boundaries: The Rise and Rise of Teamworks. Section 3: Developing Skills for Innovation. Chapter 7 - Sustaining Creativity and Innovation. Chapter 8 - Diversity and Change are Endemic. Chapter 9 - Overcoming Barriers to Innovation. Section 4 - Managing Knowledge in Health Care. Chapter 10 - Evidence Based Practice. Chapter 11 - The Technological Revolution. Chapter 12 - Research and Development in Health Care. Section 5 - Old Problems, New Solutions. Chapter 13 - Creative Solutions to the Issue of Quality Improvement in the NHS. Chapter 14 - Services without Boundaries: Creative Solutions to Leading and Organising Professional Practice.