Cell, Tissue and Disease, The Basis of Pathology, 3rd Edition

Cell, Tissue and Disease

3rd Edition The Basis of Pathology

By Neville Woolf, PhD, MMed(path), FRCPath, Faculty tutor, Royal Free and University College Medical School of University College London

The nature of pathology
Cell injury and its manifestations
Cell and tissue death
Acute inflammation I: introduction
Acute inflammation II: cellular events and chemical mediators
Factors that modify the immune response
The natural history of acute inflammation I: healing
The natural history of acute inflammation II: wound healing
The natural history of acute inflammation III: chronicity
The immune system
Disorders related to the immune system
Autoimmune disease
Transplantation and the major histocompatability complex
Granulomatous inflammation
Some specific granulomatous disorders
Amyloid and amyloidosis
General pathology of viral infections
Ischaemia and infarction
Abnormal accumulation of fluid and disorders of blood distribution
Pigmentation and heterotropic calcification
Neoplasia: disorders of cell proliferation and differentiation
Non-neoplastic disturbance in cell growth and proliferation
Cell proliferation and differentiation in relation to neoplasia
Relationship of neoplastic cells with their environment: tumour spread
Effects of neoplasms on the host
Effect of the host on neoplasms
Oncogenesis and the molecular biology of cancer
Genetic disorders
Single gene defects