Meat Hygiene, 10th Edition

Meat Hygiene

10th Edition

By J. F. Gracey, PhD, BAgr, FRCVS, DVSM, FRSH, formerly City Veterinarian, Belfast; David S. Collins, MVB, DVPH(MH), CBiol, MIBiol, MRCVS, Consultant in Veterinary Public Health, Belfast, North Ireland; and Robert J. Huey, MVB, DVPH(MH), MRCVS, Divisional Veterinary Officer, Veterinary Service, Department of Agriculture for Northern Ireland, Belfast

Food Animals. Anatomy, Meat Composition and Quality. Meat Plant Construction, Equipment and Operations. Preservation of Meat. By-Products Treatment. Plant Sanitation. From Farm to Slaughter. Humane Slaughter. Meat Hygiene Practice. Red Meat Inspection. Inspection of Poultry . Inspection of Rabbits, Deer and Ostriches. Chemical Residues. Food Poisoning and Meat Microbiology . Occupational Injuries, Infections and Zoonoses. Pathology. Infectious Diseases. Diseases Caused By Helminth and Arthropod Parasites. Metabolic Diseases and Nutritional Deficiencies. Diseases Caused By Environmental Pollutants. Data Retrieval and Feedback. Appendix: By-Products of the Meat Industry.