Pain Management: Evidence, Outcomes, and Quality of Life, A Sourcebook, Text with CD-ROM, Pain Research and Clinical Management Series

Pain Management: Evidence, Outcomes, and Quality of Life, A Sourcebook, Text with CD-ROM

Pain Research and Clinical Management Series

By Harriėt M. Wittink, PhD, PT , Chair, Lifestyle and Health, Faculty of Health Care, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands; and Daniel Carr, MD, DABPM, FFPMANZCA(Hon), Saltonstall Professor of Pain Research, Department of Anesthesia, Tufts-New England Medical Center, Boston, MA, USA

Health Outcomes and Treatment Effectiveness in Pain Medicine; Choice of Pain Outcome Measures from a Clinimetric Point of View; Qualitative Research with People who Live with Chronic Illness and Pain; Measuring Patient Treatment Preferences; Pain Assessment in Clinical Trials; Placebo Effects in Clinical Pain Trials; Side Effects and Numbers-needed-to-harm; Pharmacoeconomics in Pain Research; Clinical Analgesic Drug Trials: Targets, Research Strategies and Individualizing Outcome Measures; Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses of Intervention Studies; Applying the ICF and ICF Core Sets for Chronic Widespread Pain; Assessment of Acute Pain and Condition-specific Health-related Quality of Life; Pediatrics and Pain Outcomes; Headache; Measurement instruments for CRPS; Arthritis Pain, Outcomes, and Evidence; Measuring Functional Status in Patients with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain; The Initiative on Methods, Measurement, and Pain Assessment in Clinical Trials (IMMPACT); Mental Health Outcomes of Chronic Pain; Measuring Work Outcomes with a Focus on Health-Related Work Productivity Loss; Outcomes Research in Older Adults with Pain: Status and Future; Outcomes Measurement in Cancer Pain; Palliative Care Outcome Measures: Translating Research into Practice; Why Pain Control Matters in a World Full of Killer Diseases; CD-ROM: Major Pain Questionnaires