Biology of the Intestine in Growing Animals, Biology of Growing Animals Series

Biology of the Intestine in Growing Animals

Biology of Growing Animals Series

Edited by R. Zabielski, The Kielanowski Institute of Animal Physiology and Nutrition, Jablonna, Poland; P. C. Gregory, Solvay Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Hannover, Germany; and B. Westrom, Department of Animal Physiology, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Part I. Growth and maturation of the intestine.

1. Studying the development of the small intestine: philosophical and anatomical perspectives (J.F. Trahair, P.T. Sangild).Sample Chapter. 2. Vacuolation in the young (K. Baintner). 3. Maturation of intestinal function: the role of cortisol and birth (P.T. Sangild et al.). 4. Maturation of intestinal digestive and immune systems by food polyamines (O. Peulen et al.). 5. Bioactive compounds in porcine colostrum and milk and their effects on intestinal development in neonatal pigs (R.J. Xu et al.). 6. Role of colostrum and milk components in the development of the intestine structure and function in calves (J.W. Blum et al.). 7. Roles of milk-borne components in the development of pancreatic enzymes during the suckling period (T. Kinouchi, T. Yajima). 8. Allometric growth of the small and large intestine of rats before and after weaning (T. Sakata).

Part II. Neuro-endocrine function of the intestine.

9. Innervation of the small intestine (E. Ekblad, F. Sundler). 10. The role of nitric oxide in motility of the developing gastrointestinal tract (M. Ceregrzyn, A. Kuwahara). 11. Gut regulatory peptides and hormones of the small intestine (P. Guilloteau et al.). 12. Luminal release of gut regulatory peptides and amines: waste or physiological message? (A. Kuwahara, M. Fujimiya). 13. The common systems of food recognition in the gut and tongue (T. Fushiki et al.). 14. Role of the intestine in regulation of food intake in growing pigs (P.C. Gregory). 15. Possible role of colostral macromolecules transported from the intestinal lumen in neonatal animals (E. Harada, T. Takeuchi).

Part III. Digestion, absorption and the intestine barrier.

16. Production and gene expression of brush border disaccharidases and peptidases during development in pigs and calves (I. Le Huërou-Luron). 17. Dietary influences on pancreatic alpha-amylase expression and secretion in ruminants (K.C. Swanson, D.L. Harmon). 18. Intestinal absorption of nutrients during early development of vertebrates: patterns of appearance and change (R. Buddington). 19. Intestinal absorption of nutrients during early development of vertebrates: adaptive responses to dietary inputs (R. Buddington). 20. Absorption of certain trace elements in different nutritional conditions (M. Gralak). 21. Comparative aspects of gastrointestinal calcium and phosphate absorption in pigs and small ruminants during early postnatal life (B. Schröder et al.). 22. Invasive techniques to study the processes of digestion and absorption of nutrients in pigs (B. Zimmermann, R. Mosenthin). 23. Intestinal barrier function (I. Bjarnason et al.).

Part IV. New trends in intestinal research.

24. Gastrointestinal protein and amino acid metabolism in growing animals (D.G. Burrin). 25. Electric fields and currents of the small intestine and their effects onEscherichia coli (E. Grzesiuk, R. Zabielski). 26. Toward the chronobiology and chronomics of the intestine (G. Cornelissenet al.).