A Podiatrist's Guide to Using Research

A Podiatrist's Guide to Using Research

By Ian Mathieson, BSc(Hons), PhD, MChS, Senior Lecturer, Wales Centre for Podiatric Studies, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, UK; and Dominic Upton, Head of Psychology Division, University College Worcester, Worcester, UK


Chapter 1 Introduction: What this book can do for you

Chapter 2 What it is all about?

Chapter 3 A good answer needs a good question

Chapter 4 The truth is out there

Chapter 5 Separating the wheat from the chaff

Chapter 6 The what and why of research

Chapter 7 Don?t lose it, use it!

Chapter 8 What difference does it make?

Chapter 9 Doing it at work

Chapter 10 What it was all about


Appendix 1 Electronic resource guide