Community Emergency Medicine

Community Emergency Medicine

By Jim Wardrope, MB, ChB, FRCS, FFAEm, Emergency Medicine Consultant; Peter Driscoll, MBChB, BSC, MD, FFRCS, FFAEM, Consultant; Colville Laird, MB, ChB, DRCOG, FIMS, RCS(ED), General Practitioner and Director of Education Basics, Scotland; and Malcolm Woollard, MPH, MBA, MA(Ed), DipIMC(RCSEd), PGCE, RN, SRPara, FASI, Consultat Paramedic and Director, Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care Research Unit, Visiting Professor in Pre-hospital emergency Care, University of Teeside

Chapter 1 Introduction, summary, the system of care, Jim Wardrope, Colville Laird and Peter Driscoll

Chapter 2 The system of assessment and care of the primary survey positive patient, Jim Wardrope and Roderick MacKenzie

Chapter 3 Chest pain, Colville Laird, Peter Driscoll and Jim Wardrope

Chapter 4 Shortness of Breath, Malcolm Woollard and Ian Greaves

Chapter 5 The ill child- Assessment and identification of primary survey positive children, Malcolm Woollard and Fiona Jewkes

Chapter 6 Childhood illness- Assessment and management of primary survey negative children, Fiona Jewkes and Malcolm Woollard

Chapter 7 Nausea, vomiting and fever, John Hall and Peter Driscoll

Chapter 8 Problems in older people, Peter Lawson and Chris Richmond

Chapter 9 Abdominal Pain, Abdominal pain in women, complications of pregnancy and labour, James Gray, Jim Wardrope and Diana Jane Fothergill

Chapter 10 Management of Neurological Emergencies, Carole Gavin and James Gray

Chapter 11 ENT Problems, S. Carter and Colville Laird

Chapter 12 Management Of Allergy, Rashes And Itching, Mike Langlands and Colville Laird

Chapter 13 The Assessment And Care Of Musculo- Skeletal Problems, Chris Fitzsimmons and Jim Wardrope

Chapter 14 Overdose and Self Harm, Jim Wardrope and Peter Driscoll

Chapter 15 Mental illness Assessment, management of depression and self harm. The mental health act, Rosie Doy, Derek Burroughs and John Scott

Chapter 16 Assessing and managing psychosis, drug misuse and violence and aggression, Rosie Doy, Elizabeth Janes Blowers and Emma Sutton