The Art and Soul of Midwifery, Creativity in Practice, Education and Research

The Art and Soul of Midwifery

Creativity in Practice, Education and Research

By Lorna Davies, BSc(Hons), MA, PGCEA, RN, RM, Lecturer in Midwifery, Christchurch Polytechnic and Institute of Technology, New Zealand.

1 Introduction
2 The Last Taboo: Representations of Childbearing in Art Form
3 Birth Art as a Timeless Avenue to a Soulful Birth
4 The Delivery of Art in a Maternity Hospital
5 Weaving the Fabric of Life: Women, Birth and Craft.
6 Six Poetry and childbirth: "A light by which we may see?: From technician to midwife
7 How Do They See Us? Portrayals of Childbirth and the Role of the Midwife in Literature
8 Blue Moons and Wise Hands: Birth Knowledge and Stories of Mindful Midwifery
9 Looking at Ourselves: Using Theatre to Examine Structures Around Birth
10 The Rhythm of Life: Music and Childbirth
11 Dancing Birth: Choreography and Improvisation
12 A Soulful Journey :Creativity and Midwife Educators
13 Feeling the Fear and Doing it Regardless!
14 Creativity, Spirituality and Birth