Integrated Sports Massage Therapy, A Comprehensive Handbook

Integrated Sports Massage Therapy

A Comprehensive Handbook

By Anders Jelveus, DN leg. Naprapat MTOM LAc CMT , International educator in manual therapies; Founder of Swedish Health Institute, Los Angeles, CA, USA

1 Sports massage, an introduction

2 Work postures and hand placements

3 Sports massage applications

4 Examples of event-based sports massage treatments

5 Sports massage applications for different sports

6 Soft tissue stretching in sports massage

7 Applied stretches to common muscle groups

8 Positional release techniques applied in sports massage

9 Acupressure and Tui-Na in sports massage

10 Myofascial release techniques and connective tissue massage

11 Myofascial Pain Syndrome - myofascial trigger points

12 Sports injuries

13 Taping

14 Soft tissue treatment techniques for maintenance and remedial sports massage

15 Self massage and myofascial release techniques for the athlete