Acupuncture Research, Strategies for Establishing an Evidence Base

Acupuncture Research

Strategies for Establishing an Evidence Base

Edited by Hugh MacPherson, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Health Sciences, University of York, York, UK; Richard Hammerschlag, PhD, Research Director, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Portland, OR, USA; George Thomas Lewith, MA, DM, FRCP, MRCGP, Senior Research Fellow and Honorary Consultant Physician, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK; and Rosa N. Schnyer, DiplAc Senior Research Associate, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Department of Psychology, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Glossary of research terminology

Chapter 1 Introduction: acupuncture and the emerging evidence mosaic, Hugh MacPherson, Kate Thomas

Chapter 2 Acupuncture research: the story so far, Stephen Birch, George Lewith

Chapter 3 Patient patterns of use and experience of acupuncture, Claire M. Cassidy, Kate Thomas

Chapter 4 The safety of acupuncture, Hugh MacPherson, Adrian White, Alan Bensoussan

Chapter 5 Measuring patient-centred outcomes, Charlotte Paterson, Rosa N. Schnyer

Chapter 6 Exploring treatment effects: studies without control groups, Adrian White, Peter Wayne, Hugh MacPherson

Chapter 7 Comparing treatment effects of acupuncture and other types of healthcare, Karen Sherman, Klaus Linde, Adrian White

Chapter 8 Investigating the components of acupuncture treatment, Peter White, Klaus Linde, Rosa N. Schnyer

Chapter 9 Acupuncture practice as the foundation for clinical evaluation, Rosa N. Schnyer, Stephen Birch, Hugh MacPherson

Chapter 10 Physiological dynamics of acupuncture:
correlations and mechanisms, Richard Hammerschlag, Hélène M. Langevin, Lixing Lao,George Lewith

Chapter 11 Evidence overviews: the role of systematic reviews and meta-analyses, Klaus Linde, Richard Hammerschlag, Lixing Lao

Chapter 12 Engaging acupuncturists in research ?some practical guidelines, Peter Wayne, Karen Sherman, Mark Bovey

Chapter 13 Future strategies for acupuncture research, George Lewith