Foot and Ankle Radiology

Foot and Ankle Radiology

By Robert A. Christman, DPM, FACPR

Section 1 Plain Film Radiography
1. Radiation Physics, Biology and Safety
2. Radiography Equipment Considerations and Accessories
3. Positioning Techniques & Terminology
4. Exposure Techniques and Special Considerations
5. Film Quality

Section 2 Radiographic Anatomy
6. Principles of Radiographic Interpretation
7. The Normal Foot and Ankle
8. Normal Variants and Anomalies
9. Normal Development
10. Developmental Variants

Section 3 Systematic Approach to Bone and Joint Abnormalities
11. View Selection for the Radiographic Study
12. Systematic Evaluation of Bone and Joint Abnormalities

Section 4 Radiographic Biomechanical Analysis
13. Principles of Biomechanical Radiographic Analysis of the Foot
14. Foot Segmental Relationships and Bone Morphology
15. Pediatric Abnormalities of Position

Section 5 Special Imaging Procedures
16. Overview of Special Imaging Studies
17. MRI/Cross-Sectional Imaging

Section 6 Bone & Joint Disorders
18. Fractures & Related Conditions: Fundamentals
19. Classification of Fractures & Dislocations
20. Osteonecrosis and Osteochondrosis
21. Bone Infection
22. Joint Disease
23. Bone Tumors and Tumor-like Lesions
24. Miscellaneous Disorders