Manual Therapy Masterclasses-The Vertebral Column

Manual Therapy Masterclasses-The Vertebral Column

By Karen Beeton, Mphty, Bsc (Hons), MCSP, Principle Lecturer, Department of Physiotherapy, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK


Section 1: Cervical Spine
1. Management of Cervical Headache
2. Spinal Manipulative Thrust Technique Using Combined Movement Therapy

Section 2: Thoracic Spine
3. Rotational Instability of the Mid Thoracic Spine: Assessment and Management

Section 3: Lumbar Spine
4. Muscle Control- Pain Control: What Exercises Would Your Prescribe?
5. Lumbar Segmental 'Instability': Clinical Presentation and Specific Stabilizing Exercise Management
6. Nerve Trunk Pain: Physical Diagnosis and Treatment
7. Patient Positioning and Spinal Locking for Lumbar Spinal Rotation Manipulation
8. The Management of Low Back Pain in Pregnancy
9. Recalcitrant Chronic Low Back & Leg Pain - A New Therapy and Different Approach to Management
10. Use of Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging for Feedback in Rehabilitation

Section 4: SI Joint
11. Sacroiliac Dysfunction in Dancers with Low Back Pain

Section 5: General
12. Functional Stability Re-Training: Principles and Strategies for Managing Mechanical Dysfunction
13. The Mulligan Concept: Its Application in the Management of Spinal Conditions
14. The Role of Physiotherapy in the Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis
15. Fear of Movement/(Re)Injury, Avoidance, and Pain Disability in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients