Diabetes, Your Questions Answered


Your Questions Answered

By Paul L. Drury, MA, MB, FRCP, FRACP, Clinical Director of Diabetes Services and Medical Director, Auckland Diabetes Centre; Honorary Clinical Associate Professor in Medicine, University of Auckland, New Zealand; and Wendy Gatling, FRCP, DM, MB, ChB, Consultant Physician, Department of Diabetes, Poole Hospital NHS Trust, Poole, UK

1. Background to Diabetes

2. Natural History, Glycaemic Control and Complications

3. Clinical Presentation and Initial Management of Diabetes

4. Dietary and Lifestyle Management

5. Use of Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents

6. Insulin Treatment

7. Hypoglycaemia

8. Problems with Glycaemic Control

9. Decompensated Diabetes

10. Organisation and Delivery of Diabetes Care

11. Issues of Daily Life with Diabetes

12. Reproduction and Sexual Function

13. Macrovascular Disease and its Prevention

14. Renal Disease in Diabetes

15. Eye Disease in Diabetes

16. Neuropathy

17. Diabetic Foot and Peripheral Arterial Disease

18. Other Complications and Accompaniments of Diabetes

19. Stages of Change

20. Smoking Cessation

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References and Further Reading

Glossary of Studies and Trials in Diabetes

List of Patient Questions