The Essential Concepts of Nursing, A Critical Review

The Essential Concepts of Nursing

A Critical Review

Edited by John Cutcliffe, PhD, BSc(Hon)Nursing, RMN, RGN, RPN, ?David G. Braithwaite? Professor of Nursing, University of Texas (Tyler); Adjunct Professor of Psychiatric Nursing SCISN, Vancouver, Canada; Associate Editor, Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing; Assistant Editor, International Journal of Nursing Studies; and
Director, Cutcliffe Consulting.; and Hugh McKenna, PhD, RMN, RGN DipN (Lond), Adv Dip Ed, RNT, Dean, Faculty of Life and Health Sciences, University of Ulster; Visiting Professor, Nursing Research, University of Nortumbria; Visiting Professor, Nursing Research, University of Bangor, Wales, UK

Foreword, Professor Peggy Chinn
Foreword, Professor Afaf Melis
Contributing Authors
Chapter One: An Introduction to Concepts and their Analyses, Hugh McKenna & John Cutcliffe
Chapter Two: A Concept Analysis of Abuse, Judee Onyskiw
Chapter Three: A Concept Analysis of Caring, Tanya McCance
Chapter Four: A Concept Analysis of Comfort, Linda Lowe and John Cutcliffe
Chapter Five: A Concept Analysis of Coping, Catherine Black
Chapter Six: A Concept Analysis of Dignity, Jerome Marley
Chapter Seven: The Concept of Empathy, Bill Reynolds
Chapter Eight: A Critical Examination of the Concept of Empowerment, Jim Dooher & Richard Byrt
Chapter Nine: A Concept Analysis of Facilitation, Carole McIlrath
Chapter Ten: Delineating the Concept of Fatigue using a Pragmatic Utility Approach, Karin Olson & Janice Morse
Chapter Eleven: Grief - an Analysis of the Concept as it Relates to Bereavement, Kate Sullivan
Chapter Twelve: Diversity or Divisiveness? A Critical Analysis of Hope, Cheryl Nekoliachuk
Chapter Thirteen: Taking Humour Seriously - an Analysis of the Concept of 'Humour,' Kristiina Hyrkas
Chapter Fourteen: An Analysis of Loneliness as a Concept of Importance for Dying Persons, Bob Brown
Chapter Fifteen: A concept analysis of shame, Mary Hasse & Lanny Magnassun
Chapter Sixteen: Towards a Praxis of Suffering, Janice Morse
Chapter Seventeen: A Concept Analysis of Nursing Support, Dianne Ellis, Sue Jackson & Chris Stevenson
Chapter Eighteen: A Concept Analysis of Therapeutic Touch, Jim Campbell
Chapter Nineteen: A Concept Analysis of Therapeutic Relationships, Mary Chambers
Chapter Twenty: Towards an Understanding of Trust, Wendy Austin
Chapter Twenty One: A Concept Analysis of Vulnerability, Jude Spiers
Chapter Twenty Two: The Evolution of Concept Analysis - Where do we go from Here?, John Cutcliffe and Hugh McKenna