Handbook of Pain Management, A Clinical Companion to Textbook of Pain

Handbook of Pain Management

A Clinical Companion to Textbook of Pain

By Ronald Melzack, OC, FRSC, PhD, E. P. Taylor Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; and Patrick D Wall, FRS, DM, FRCP, Professor Emeritus of Physiology, St Thomas's Hospital, London, UK

Soft tissue, joints and bones

Acute and postoperative pain
Michael Cousins, Ian Power
Paul Creamer
Rheumatoid arthritis
Malcolm I V Jayson
Muscles, tendons and ligaments
Dianne J Newham, Kerry R Mills
Chronic back pain
Donlin M Long
Upper extremity pain
Anders E Sola
Robert M Bennett

Deep and visceral pain

Abdominal pain
Laurence M Blendis
Heart, vascular and haemopathic pain
Paolo Procacci, Massimo Zoggi, Marco Maresca
Chronic pelvic pain
Andrea J Rapkin
Obstetric pain
John S McDonald
Genitourinary pain
Ursula Wesselmann, Arthur L Burnett


Orofacial pain
Yair Sharav
Trigeminal, eye and ear pain
Joanna M Zakrozwska
Jean Schoenen, Peter S Sándor

Nerve and root damage

Phantom pain and other phenomena after amputation
Troels Scaehelin Jensen, Lone Nikolajsen
Peripheral neuropathies
J W Scadding
Complex regional pain syndrome
J W Scadding
Nerve root disorders and arachnoiditis
David Dubuisson

Central nervous system

Central pain
Jörgen Boivie
Spinal cord injury
Aleksander Beric
Pain and psychological medicine
Harold Merskey


Antipyretic (non-narcotic) analgesics
Kay Brune, Hanns Ulrich Zeilhofer
Psychotropic drugs
Richard Monks, Harold Merskey
Robert G Twycross
Local anaesthetics and epidurals
H J McQuay, RA Moore
Atypical analgesic drugs and sympathetic blockers
R Munglani, R G Hill


Disc surgery
Erik Spangfort
Orthopaedic surgery
Robert F McLain, James N Weinstein
Central neurosurgery
Jan M Gybels, Ron R Tasker


Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, vibration and acupuncture as
pain-relieving measures
Per Hansson, Thomas Lundeberg
Spinal cord and brain stimulation
Brian A Simpson

Physical therapies

Ultrasound, shortwave, microwave, laser, superficial heat and cold in the
treatment of pain
Justus F Lehmann, Barbara J de Lateur
Mobilization, manipulation, massage and exercise for the relief of
musculoskeletal pain
Scott Haldeman, Paul D Hooper

Psychological therapies

The placebo and the placebo response
Patrick D Wall
Relaxation and biofeedback
Barton A Jessup, Xochitl Gallegos
Nicholas P Spanos, Sharon J Carmanico, Jacqueline A Ellis
A cognitive-behavioral approach to pain management
Dennis C Turk, Akiko Okifuji
Behavioral therapy
Francis J Keefe, John C Lefebvre
Prevention of disability due to chronic musculoskeletal pain
Steven James Linton

Age and sex difference

Pain in children
Charles B Berde, Bruce Masek
Pain in the elderly
Lucia Gagliese, Joel Katz, Ronald Melzack
Sex and gender differences in pain
Karen J Berkley, Anita Holdcroft

Neuropathic and burn pain

Peripheral neuropathic pain: an approach to management
Howard L Fields, Ralf Baron, Michael C Rowbotham
Pain of burns
Manon Choinière

Cancer pain

Cancer pain: principles of assessment and syndromes
Nathan I Cherny, Russell K Portenoy
Practical issues in the management of cancer pain
Nathan I Cherny, Russell K Portenoy
Cancer pain and palliative care in children
Charles B Berde, John J Collins
Cancer: psychiatric and ethical issues
William Breithart, Steven D Passik, Barry D Rosenfeld
Pain and impending death
Cicely M Saunders, Michael Platt