Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, 4th Edition

Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

4th Edition

By Robert A. Donatelli, PhD, PT, OCS, Director of Sports Rehabilitation and Outreach Programs, Physiotherapy Associates, Las Vegas, NV; Developer, Strengthen Your Game Rehabilitation and Performance Enhancement Programs for Athletes, Las Vegas, NV and Michael J. Wooden, MS, PT, OCS, Physiotherapy Associates, Decatur, GA; Continuing Education Coordinator, Physiotherapy Associates, Eaton, PA; Instructor, Division of Physical Therapy, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Part 1: Fundamental Principles

  1. Tissue Response
  2. Exercise Treatment for the Rehabilitation Patient: Cardiopulmonary and Peripheral Responses
  3. Theory and Practice of Muscle Strengthening in the Orthopedic Patient
  4. Rehabilitation and Strength Training Concepts - NEW!
  5. Screening for Referral - NEW!
  6. Part 2: Upper Quarter

  7. Upper Quarter Evaluation: Structural Relationships and Interdependence
  8. Influence of Cervical Spine on the Stomatognathic System
  9. Dysfunction, Evaluation and Treatment of the Cervical Spine
  10. Differential Assessment and Mobilization of the Cervical and the Upper Thoracic Spine
  11. Arthroscopic Surgery and Rehabilitation of the Shoulder
  12. Surgery and Rehabilitation of the Elbow - NEW FOCUS!
  13. Dysfunction Evaluation and Treatment of the Wrist and Hand
  14. Reconstructive Surgery and Rehabilitation of the Wrist and Hand
  15. Mobilization of the Upper Extremity
  16. Defining the Core in Rehabilitation: Evaluation and Basic Exercises - NEW!
  17. Part 3: Lower Quarter

  18. Neuromuscular Rehabilitation-Advance Exercises - NEW!
  19. Dysfunction, Evaluation and Stabilization Exercises in the Treatment of the Lumbar Spine
  20. New Advances in Lumbar Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation - NEW FOCUS!
  21. Lumbar Spine/ Hip/ Sacral Iliac Joint-Differential Soft Tissue Diagnosis and Treatment - NEW FOCUS!
  22. Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation of the Hip Complex
  23. Dysfunction, Evaluation and Treatment of the Knee
  24. Surgery of the Knee and Rehabilitation Principles
  25. Normal and Abnormal Mechanics of the Foot and Ankle - NEW FOCUS!
  26. Overview of Foot Orthotics and Perscription
  27. New Advances in Foot and Ankle Surgery and Rehabiliation
  28. Mobilization of the Lower Extremity
  29. Part 4: Special Considerations

  30. Soft Tissue Mobilization
  31. Somatosensory, Vestibular, and Visual Sensory Integration - NEW!
  32. EMG Analysis of Manual Muscle Testing and Exercise - NEW!
  33. Evaluation and Treatment of Neural Tissue Pain Disorders


Appendix 1: Manual Therapy Techniques for the Thoracolumbar Spine