The Malalignment Syndrome, diagnosis and treatment of common pelvic and back pain , 2nd Edition

The Malalignment Syndrome

2nd Edition diagnosis and treatment of common pelvic and back pain

By Wolf Schamberger, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and The Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Center, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Introduction 2012
Introduction 2002 (1st edition)

Ch 1. The malalignment syndrome: A synopsis

Ch 2. Common presentations and diagnostic techniques

Ch 3. The Malalignment Syndrome

Ch 4. The malalignment syndrome: Related pain phenomena and the implications for medicine

Ch 5. Clinical correlations in sports

Ch 6. Horses, saddles and riders
David Lane and Lauren Fraser

Ch 7. A comprehensive treatment approach

Ch 8. Treatment: Manual therapy modes
Sarah Stevens and Karina Steinberg

Ch 9. Conclusion

1. Sacroiliac joint ?rotational malalignment?
2. Sacroiliac joint ?upslip? (right side)
3. Asymmetry of lower extremity ranges of motion
4. Asymmetry of lower extremity muscle strength
5. Clinical correlations specific to running
6. Clinical findings: Anatomical (true) long right leg
7. Combination of asymmetries (1st case presentation)
8. Combination of asymmetries (2nd case presentation)
9. ?The thoracolumbar syndrome?
10. Clinical correlations to non-specific sports
11. Clinical correlations to specific sports
12. Factors contributing to recurrence of injuries
13. Causes of recurrent malalignment