Musculoskeletal Trauma, a guide to assessment and diagnosis

Musculoskeletal Trauma

a guide to assessment and diagnosis

Edited by Maryann Hardy and Beverly Snaith

Chapter 1: The principles of clinical assessment

Chapter 2: Soft tissue injuries

Chapter 3: Radiographic referral

Chapter 4: Principles of radiographic examination

Chapter 5: Reviewing radiographic images

Chapter 6: Further imaging in trauma

Chapter 7: Hand, fingers and thumb

Chapter 8: Wrist

Chapter 9: Elbow and forearm

Chapter 10: Shoulder and humerus

Chapter 11: Thoracic cage

Chapter 12: Spine

Chapter 13: Pelvis, hip and proximal femur

Chapter 14: Knee and lower leg

Chapter 15: Ankle and foot

Chapter 16: Skull and face