Contraception: Your Questions Answered, 5th Edition

Contraception: Your Questions Answered

5th Edition

By John Guillebaud, MA FRCSEd FRCOG Hon FFSRH Hon FCOG (SA), Emeritus Professor of Family Planning and Reproductive Health, University College London, UK; Trustee of the Margaret Pyke Memorial Trust, Formerly Medical Director of the Margaret Pyke Family Planning Centre, London, UK; Surgeon, Elliot-Smith Vasectomy Clinic, Oxford, UK

Introduction: the population explosion, sexual and contraceptive history-taking and counselling - the importance of fertility control. Aspects of human fertility and fertility awareness: natural birth control. Male methods of contraception. Vaginal methods of contraception. The combined oral contraceptive - selection and eligibility. The combined oral contraceptive - follow-up arrangements and new routes of administration. The progestogen-only pill. Injectables and implants. Intrauterine devices and systems. Emergency (postcoital) contraception. Contraception for the young, the not quite so young - and in future. Further reading. Websites. Appendices.