Auricular Acupuncture and Addiction, Mechanisms, Methodology and Practice

Auricular Acupuncture and Addiction

Mechanisms, Methodology and Practice

By Kim Wager; and Sue Cox

Acknowledgements. Forewords. Preface. List of contributors. Introduction. 1. The brain - target organ of addictive substances. 2. How nerves work. 3. Neurotransmitter typology. 4. Learning. 5. Emotion: addiction is an emotion. 6. The limbic (emotional) system. 7. The physiology of relapse, bingeing and the permanency of addiction. 8. How does the brain exert influence on the rest of the body? 9. Addiction and genetics. 10. The drugs of misuse. 11. Qi, the story so far. 12. The new model for Qi energy. 13. Yin-Yang theory. 14. Auricular acupuncture mechanisms. 15. An evaluation of auricular acupuncture with high security substance misusing male prisoners. 16. Diversity in practice. Index.