Therapeutic Footwear, A Comprehensive Guide

Therapeutic Footwear

A Comprehensive Guide

By Wendy Tyrrell, MEd MChS, Principal Lecturer, University of Wales Institute Cardiff, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Wales College of Medicine, Director of Enterprise, School of Health Sciences, University of Wales Institute Cardiff, Cardiff, UK; and Gwenda Carter, MChS, MSSF, A&FE Tutor(C&G), Orthopaedic Footwear Consultant; Head of Department Footwear Centre, Mile End Hospital London; Tower Hamlets NHS Healthcare Trust, London, UK

It?s not just a pair of shoes. Shoe styles. Retail footwear. Shoes and orthotics. Prescription footwear. Sole units. Stock and modular footwear. Measurements for bespoke footwear. Construction methods and components for bespoke footwear. Fitting bespoke footwear. Treating patients with complex pathologies. Case studies.