Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine, 3rd Edition

Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine

3rd Edition

By Peter Cameron, MBBS, MD, FACEM, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicne. Monash University, The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia; George Jelinek, MB, BS, MD, DipDHM, FACEM, UWA Departemnt of Emergency Medidine, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Nedlands, Western Australia; Anne-Maree Kelly, MD, MClinED, FACEM, Professor and Director of Emergency Medicine, Westner Hospital, Footscray, Australia; Lindsay Murray, MB, BS, FACEM, Emergency Physician and Clinical Toxicologist, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Nedlands, Australia and Anthony F. T. Brown, MBChB, FRCP, FRCS, FACEM, FFAEM, Senior Staff Specialist, Department of Emergency Medicine, Royal Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

Resuscitation. Critical care. Trauma. Orthopaedic Emergencies. Cardiovascular. Respiratory. Digestive. Neurology. Infectious diseases. Genitourinary. Endocrine. Metabolic. Haematology. Rheumatology and musculoskeltal. Dermatology. Eyes. Dental. ENT. Obstetrics and gynaecology. Psychiatric emergencies. Challenging situations. Pain relief. Ultrasound. Academic emergency medicine. Emergency medicine and the law. Emergency medical systems. Administration. Environmental. Toxicology. Toxinology.