Transfusion Medicine, 2nd Edition

Transfusion Medicine

2nd Edition

By Jeffrey McCullough, Professor, Director, Division of Laboratory Medicine, Section of Transfusion Medicine University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, USA.

1. History

2. The U.S. Blood System

3. Recruitment of Blood Donors

4. Blood Donor Medical Assessment and Blood Collection

5. Preparation, Storage, and Characteristics of Blood Components and Plasma Derivatives

6. Autologous Blood Donation and Transfusion

7. Production of Components by Apheresis

8. Laboratory Testing of Donated Blood

9. Blood Groups

10. Laboratory Detection of Blood Groups and Provision of Red Cells

11. Clinical Uses of Blood Components

12. Transfusion Therapy in Specific Clinical Situations

13. Techniques of Blood Transfusion

14. Complications of Transfusion

15. Transfusion-Transmitted Diseases

16. The HLA System in Transfusion Medicine

17. Hematopoietic Growth Factors in Transfusion Medicine

18. Cellular Engineering for the Production of New Blood Components

19. Therapeutic Apheresis

20. Quality Programs in Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine