Basic Surgical Operations

Basic Surgical Operations

By M.E. Foster, Consultant Surgeon, East Glamorgan General Hospital, Mid Glamorgan UK; and Gareth Morris-Stiff, Department of Transplant Surgery, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK

Chapter 1. Ins and Outs
Preoperative preparation
Wound closure

Chapter 2. Lumps, Bumps and Others
Excision of skin lesions
Excision of lipoma
Excision of sebaceous cyst
Excision of lymph node
Radical excision of toenail Zadiks operation

Chapter 3. Hernias
Inguinal herniotomy  
Inguinal herniorrhaphy
Femoral hernia repair
Umbilical hernia repair
Paraumbilical hernia repair
Epigastric hernia repair
Incisional hernia repair

Chapter 4. Breast Surgery
Excision of breast lump
Wire-localisation biopsy
Wide local excision and axillary node clearance
Modified-Patey mastectomy
Subcutaneous mastectomy
Major duct excision - Hadfields procedure
Incision and drainage of breast abscess

Chapter 5. Upper Gastrointestinal
Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy
Closure of perforated peptic ulcer
Operation for bleeding peptic ulcer
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Open cholecystectomy

Chapter 6. Lower Gastrointestinal
Small bowel resection
Meckels diverticulectomy
Right hemicolectomy
Left hemicolectomy
Hartmanns procedure
Formation of end colostomy
Formation of loop colostomy
Closure of loop colostomy
Formation of end ileostomy
Formation of loop ileostomy
Closure of loop ileostomy

Chapter 7. Anal/Perianal
Proctoscopy and sigmoidoscopy
Banding of haemorrhoids
Injection of haemorrhoids
Lateral internal sphincterotomy
Operation for anal fistula
Evacuation of perianal haematoma
Incision and drainage of perianal abscess
Excision of pilonidal sinus

Chapter 8. Vascular
Operation for varicose veins
Femoral embolectomy
Lower limb amputations

Chapter 9. Head & Neck
Excision of thyroglossal cyst

Chapter 10. Urological
Operation for hydrocele
Operation for varicocele
Excision of epididymal cyst
Orchidopexy for undescended testis
Exploration for testicular torsion