Introduction to Podopediatrics, 2nd Edition

Introduction to Podopediatrics

2nd Edition

Edited by Peter Thomson, BSc, DPodM, MChS, Senior Paediatric Podiatrist, File Primary Care, NHS Trust, Dunfermline; Private Practitioner, Dunfermline, UK; and Russell G. Volpe, DPM, Professor and Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, New York College of Podiatric Medicine, New York, NY

Section 1:
Psychological considerations in the child patient
Growth and development
History-taking and the physical examination
Paediatric gait

Section 2:
General medicine and diabetes
Rheumatic diseases of childhood and adolescence
Paediatric neurology
Cutaneous diseases in childhood

Section 3:
Radiological examination of the child's foot
Orthopaedic conditions affecting the foot in childhood
Torsional and frontal plane conditions of the lower extremity
Developmental flatfoot.

Section 4:
Physical therapy
Serial casting
Orthotic management
Sports injuries.

Appendix 1 Special investigations
Appendix 2 Examples of recognised human teratogens
Appendix 3 Autosomal dominant disorders
Appendix 4 Autosomal recessive disorders
Appendix 5 X-linked disorders
Appendix 6 Developmental milestones