Understanding the Placebo Effect in Complementary Medicine, Theory, Practice and Research

Understanding the Placebo Effect in Complementary Medicine

Theory, Practice and Research

Edited by: David Peters, MB, ChB, DRCOG, MFHom, MRO, Clinical Director, The Centre for Community Care and Primary Health, University of Westminster, London, UK

Part One: Theory.
Medical Anthropology Perspectives.
The Mind/Brain/Body Connection.
The Clinical Impact of Placebo Responses -- A Review.

Part Two: Clinical Implications.
Can We Optimise Non-Specific Effects? Transference Cures, Post-Modernism, Potencies and Placebos.
Transforming the Impossible Patient? Mind, Models and Methods, Therapeutic Touch and the Placebo Response.
Complementary Medicine Effectiveness Beyond the Placebo Response.

Part Three: Models for Research.
Unpicking the Tapestry, Research Into the Placebo Response.
Placebo Response and the Participative World View