The Management of Anxiety, A Guide for Therapists, 2nd Edition

The Management of Anxiety

2nd Edition A Guide for Therapists

By Diana Keable, BSc (Hons), DipCOT, Head Occupational Therapist, Mental Health, Harrow and Hillingdon Health Care Trust, London

PART 1 THEORETICAL CONCEPTS: the Physiology of Anxiety. Behavioural and Cognitive Theories of Anxiety. Psychodynamic Theories of Anxiety. Psychophysiological Models of Anxiety. Integrative and Alternative Models of Anxiety. PART 2 TECHNIQUES: the Relaxation Phenomenon. Physiological Relaxation Techniques. Mental Relaxation Techniques. Integrated Programmes of Anxiety Management. A Group Anxiety Management Course Outline. Active Relaxation Techniques. PART 3 CLINICAL APPLICATIONS: from Assessment to Evaluation: Procedures and Practicalities. Teaching Resources. Troubleshooting. Some Common Problems. Working with Physical Problems. The Psychophysiological Approach. Working with Individuals. Working with Older People . Working in Community Settings. Understanding Occupational Stress and Burnout Appendix: the Anxiety Management Course Client Packs