Legal Aspects of Medical Practice, 5th Edition

Legal Aspects of Medical Practice

5th Edition

By Bernard Knight

The Ethics of Medical Practice. The General Medical Council. Consent. Transplantation of Organs and Tissues. Medical Negligence. Compensation: Industrial Injuries and Disease. The Legal Systems and Courts of Law (England and Wales). The Coroner System. Medical Reports and Certificates. The Doctor and the Dead Body. The Doctor at the Secene of Death. Identification. Sudden Natural Death. Injury and Death from Natural Agents. Wounding. Examination of Motor Vehicle Injuries. Asphyxia. Immersion and Drowning. Sexual Offences. Pregnancy and Abortion. Divorce and Nullity. Sterilisation, Artificial Insemination and in Vitro Fertilisation. Infant Deaths. Sudden Death Syndrome (SIDS). Child Abuse Syndrome. Neglect, Chronic Alcoholism and Drunkeness. The Drinking Driver. General Aspects of Poisoning. Drugs and the Doctor. Legals Aspects of Mental Disorders. Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Index