Practice Guidelines for Family Nurse Practitioners - Revised Reprint, 3rd Edition

Practice Guidelines for Family Nurse Practitioners - Revised Reprint

3rd Edition

By Karen Fenstermacher, MS, RN, FNP, Family Nurse Practitioner, Mercy Primary Care, Carthage, Missouri and Barbara Toni Hudson, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, Family Nurse Practitioner, Ash Grove Family Care Clinic, Ash Grove, Missouri

Unit I: History and Physical Examination
1. Adult Assessment
2. Pediatric Assessment
3. Geriatric Assessment
Unit II: Common Conditions
4. Skin Disorders
5. Respiratory and Related ENT Disorders
6. Cardiovascular Disorders
7. Vascular and Blood Disorders
8. Abdominal Disorders
9. Gynecologic Disorders
10. Common Urinary Tract Disorders
11. Neurological Disorders
12. Musculoskeletal Disorders
13. Endocrine Disorders
14. Psychiatric Disorders
15. Pediatric Disorders

Appendix A. Body Mass Index
Appendix B.  Food Sources for Selected Nutrients
Appendix C.  Peak Expiratory Flow Rate
Appendix D.  Patient Instruction Sheets
Appendix E.  Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
Appendix F.  Dietary Supplements
Appendix G.  Pain Management Guidelines
Appendix H.  Herbal Therapy
Appendix I.  Suggested Hospital Admission Orders
Appendix J.  Biological Disease Agents