Mosby's Dental Dictionary, 3rd Edition

Mosby's Dental Dictionary

3rd Edition

By Mosby

Pronunciation Guide

Alphabetic Listing of Terms


  1. Symbols and Abbreviations
  2. American Dental Association (ADA) Dental Codes 2007/2008
  3. Anxiety and Pain Management
  4. Clinical Oral Structures
  5. Dental Professional Organizations
  6. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
  7. Infection Control
  8. Legal and Ethical Issues
  9. How Dental Terms Are Made and Read
  10. Nutrition and Nutritional Counseling
  11. Pharmacology
  12. Radiology and Radiography
  13. Tooth Numbering Systems and Explanation for Mounting Radiographs
  14. Dental Prosthetics