Clinical Guide to Sonography, Exercises for Critical Thinking, 2nd Edition

Clinical Guide to Sonography

2nd Edition Exercises for Critical Thinking

By Charlotte Henningsen, MS, RT, RDMS, RVT, Chair and Professor, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Department, Orlando, FL; Kathryn Kuntz, MEd, RT(R), RDMS, RVT, FSDMS, Assistant Professor, Radiology Electronic Curriculum Coordinator Sonography Program Mayo Clinic Adjunct Faculty Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences Orlando, FL President SEAC, Inc Sonography Education & Accreditation Consulting, Inc and Diane J. Youngs, MEd, RDMS, RVT, Program Director Mayo School of Health Sciences Sonography Program Assistant Professor of Radiology College of Medicine Rochester, Minnesota

  1. RUQ Pain
  2. Liver Mass
  3. Elevated Liver Function Tests/Diffuse Liver Disease
  4. Epigastric Pain
  5. Hematuria
  6. Rule Out Renal Obstruction/Renal Failure
  7. Cystic vs Solid Mass
  8. Left Upper Quadrant Mass/Rule Out Splenomegaly
  9. Pediatric Mass
  10. Question Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  11. NEW! Acute RLQ Pain/Rule Out Appendicitis
  12. Neonatal Vomiting/Rule Out Pyloric Stenosis
  13. Retroperitoneal Mass
  14. Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
  15. Localize Intrauterine Device
  16. PID
  17. Infertility
  18. Ovarian Mass
  19. Uncertain Last Menstrual Period/Pregnancy Dating
  20. Size Greater Than Dates
  21. Size Less Than Dates
  22. Bleeding with Pregnancy
  23. Multiple Gestation
  24. Elevated AFP
  25. Genetic Testing
  26. Fetal Anomaly
  27. Abnormal Fetal Echo
  28. Breast Mass
  29. Scrotal Mass/Scrotal Pain
  30. Neck Mass
  31. Elevated PSA
  32. Hip Dysplasia
  33. Premature Birth: Rule Out Germinal Matrix Hemorrhage
  34. NEW! Neonatal Spinal Dimple: Rule Out Tethered Cord
  35. Carotid Artery Disease
  36. Leg Pain/Rule Out DVT
  37. New! Claudication/Peripheral Arterial Disease