2013 Intravenous Medications, A Handbook for Nurses and Health Professionals, 29th Edition

2013 Intravenous Medications

29th Edition A Handbook for Nurses and Health Professionals

By Betty L. Gahart, RN, Nurse Consultant in Education; Former Director, Education and Training, Queen of the Valley Medical Center, Napa, CA and Adrienne R. Nazareno, PharmD, Clinical Manager, Pharmacist in Charge, Queen of the Valley Medical Center, Napa, CA

General Dilution Charts (inside front cover and facing page)

How to Use This Book

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Format and Content of Intravenous Medications

Key to Abbreviations

Important IV Therapy Facts


IV Drugs


  1. Recommendations for the Safe Use and Handling of Cytotoxic Drugs
  2. FDA Pregnancy Categories
  3. Information for Patients Receiving Immunosuppressive Agents
  4. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, and National Cancer Institute Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events
  5. Recently Approved Drugs (these are drugs that were approved too late to incorporate them into the body of the book)


Solution Compatibility Chart (last page and inside back cover)